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Son Tung Jeans Garment Vietnam

Hoan Tat sewing workshop

Hoan Tat sewing workshop has been built in Thu Duc with total area of more than 12.000m2 and more than 1000 employees, equipped with closed chains such as sewing, embroidery, dyeing, washing and on the other hand applied the most advanced scientific and technical achievements worldwide into production etc. in order to meet the strictest requirements on quantity, quality, fashionableness of large brands at home and abroad with the following capacity of production:

  • Sewing: There are 12 professional sewing chains with productivity of 1.560.000 jeans products/year
  • Washing:
    • Wash denim: 10.000.000 products (jeans trousers, jackets) /year
    • Fashion items: 1.440.000 – 1.800.000 products (jeans trousers, jackets) /year
    • Dyed items: 432.000 products (jeans trousers, jackets) /year
    • Garment Wash: 3.600.000 products (jeans trousers, jackets) /year


We can say that the Hoan Tat sewing workshop under the Son Tung Limited Company is one of the prides of Vietnamese textile industry.