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Treatment technologies use the characteristics of Indigo dyeing techniques, the role of chemicals, Enzyme and both mechanical effects to change the appearance, comfort, usability and especially the love Fashion bridges of garments are called Wash clothes. Workshops, factories or companies doing this work are called Wash or Laundry Factory.

Depending on the fabric and clothing structure, depending on customer requirements and the fashion market, different Wash processes can be implemented. Son Tung Jeans Company established a Wash factory in the line of Demin and Nondemin separately, always meet the latest Wash types, satisfying the maximum requirements of all brands, now has become a unit of goods head in Vietnamese garment industry.


  • Wash TT: To be set up for each specific work group, apply the production according to each specific line. Ekip management and engineering are highly trained, with many years of experience, creating highly aesthetic and diverse products.
  • Wash VT: Wash VT Factory operates on the principle of product flow, technical staff is highly trained with many years of experience.
  • Wash BiO: Completely opposed to Wash Demin, modern equipment, management, technical training by Turkish experts with many years of experience.
  • WF Anti-wrinkle: Modern anti-wrinkle technology meets quality standards 3.5-5.0, in addition to WF products We also create separate technology product lines (Messi Jeans).

Famous for the advanced Wash technology with high-end technology machines and professional engineering engineers, Son Tung Jeans has always asserted himself in Wash Demin and Nondemin schools in Vietnam.hình 2_800x533



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After many years of working and developing, now Son Tung Jeans is building and developing a new Wash project with large scale, spacious and modern.

With the new Wash Workshop, advanced machines and modern Wash technology, Son Tung Jeans is confident to bring to customers the most advanced, aesthetic and diversified products to meet the needs of all customers.