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ERP System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an inevitable trend in this era, resulted of 05 other important trends which are significant for each enterprise in catching up with times and making relevant changes of strategic development.

1. The 1st relates to non-stop changing Internet. If express way could shorten the geographic distance, internet erase all gaps absolutely. In other words, all companies use internet in the future.

2. Â The 2nd is globalization. It brings pros to positive developing nations, and causes negative for backward nations. During globalization process, international competition replaces domestic competition gradually. Companies will not be warranted by Government any more. Further, a company with lack of international competition possibilities will be knocked out at its local market.

3. The 3rd is fast changing pace. It’s easy to realize the dizzying changes through product designs and technology. If the feature in years of 80s is quality, re-structure for 90s, speed is for our time. Accessing to big data of info makes rapid changes to customers’ lifestyle. Enterprises also need changes to keep on track with market demands. In the future, the winners are those who adapt market trends and quick reaction for existence and development.

4. The 4th is clients right. The clients are smarter, more demanding and have more options for any services or products. Those service companies which meet client needs and provide benefits to their customers are in good development.Â

ERP (Enterprise resource planning)

5.  The last is installing of social information. These days, we hear about “acknowledged economy”, which names such information socialization. In the view of market, information changes customers comprehensively. They know not only price, products, but also info of replaced products in different brands. Accessing to more info brings new opportunities to enterprises.
Understanding the importance of these above trends, Management Board of Son Tung Company decided in founding Building Project Team to launch ERP system on overall factory. This is marked such big success of Son Tung in the path of world integration…