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Son Tung Jeans Garment Vietnam

System of Messi Jeans shops

Nowadays, with the increasingly fast development trends, the increasingly fierce competitiveness, it is required that enterprises must be actually professional, must have specific orientations for themselves etc. Success of an enterprise depends very much on its distribution system etc. Realizing this importance and expecting to provide “Jeans fashion followers” with fashionable products of leading quality in Vietnam etc., the Son Tung Limited Company has developed a system of fashion products distribution throughout the country and initially confirmed its position in the market..

Branch : Messi Jeans – 7A An Duong Vuong


Branch: Messi Jeans - An Dong Plaza

An dong Palaza

Branch: Messi Jeans -Â Nguyen Trai

Messi jeans Nguyễn Trãi

Branch: Messi Jeans - Cho Nga

cho nga 3

Branch: Sonnet & wine – 19 An Duong Vuong


Branch: Messi Jeans -Â Quang Trung

Branch: Messi Jeans -Â Ha Noi

Branch: Messi Jeans -Â Da Nang

Branch: Messi Jeans -Â AEON MALL Binh Duong